• 345 1st Ave, Neepawa, MB

    #IStandWithNeuf Whitey’s “Friendly” Throwdown


    Get ready to throw down and have fun! This is a FUNdraiser competition, with all proceeds going towards Dillan and his family. 


    Date: Saturday, October 30, 2021  |  Time: 9am-2pm  |  Individual Functional Fitness Competition

    LOCATION: Whitey’s Fitness Body Shop (342 Mountain Ave. Neepawa, MB)

    QUESTIONS? Please Contact whiteysfitness@gmail.com

    Registration closes October 27th or will close earlier if the event sells out!

    Dillan Neufeld attended HMK and NACI, here in Neepawa. He is well known to this community for his kind heart, and athletic abilities. He played many sports at NACI, but the Tigers football team is where he really accelerated, and fell in love with football. Upon graduation he was awarded a scholarship, and played for the VI raiders in Nanaimo BC. 

    He had recently joined the Edmonton Huskies, a CJFL team and was living his dream.

    In December of 2020 the Neufeld family was delivered the news that Dillan had been diagnosed with Angioimmunoblastic T-cell Lymphoma, a rare form of Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and he moved home to Arden to be close to his parents, Dan and Rhonda Neufeld, and begin treatments against this aggressive cancer. Dillan’s fight has had many ups and downs over the past 11 months.

    Recently Dillan found out by his team of doctors, that the stem cell transplant they were hoping for is no longer an option for Dillan. The cancer keeps recurring in his cerebral spinal fluid, for which they do not have a cure. Dillan will continue to do treatment for as long as he can. They cannot give us a time frame as to how long the cancer will be controlled by therapy.  So the goal is to live with the cancer since they cannot cure it. The most recent update was not good news. Rhonda said “Dillan had radiation done, but the outcome was not what we had hoped.  The leukaemia part of his disease has come back.  Dillan will continue to do what treatment he can for as long as he can”. 

    We will continue to do what we can with our fundraising efforts and are happy the community is joining us. – I Stand With Neuf 💚


    Guaranteed 3 workouts

    Two Divisions

    * “Fun”

    * Intermediate

    Prizes for top 3 in each DIVISION!

    REFUND POLICY: NO REFUNDS. NO EXCEPTIONS. Athlete substitutions until the day before the event. Athletes must fit the same division as the original registrant. 

    💚This is a fundraiser and about inclusivity, so it will be 2 Divisions (see minimum movement requirements below)

    Intermediate Division:

    Pull Ups (scaling option will be provided if you don’t have pull ups yet)

    Knees to Elbow

    24”/20” Box Jumps

    50/35 DB Snatch

    50/35 Single DB Hang Clean and Press

    20/14 Wall Ball

    135/95 Deadlift

    **If you can move the weights above, but maybe don’t have pull ups yet, the Intermediate Division is for you. We will have a scaling option for pull ups.

    “Fun” Division:

    Jumping pull ups

    25/15 Plate Ground to Overhead

    25/15 Plate Sit Ups

    95/65 Deadlift

    16-24” Step Ups

    35/20 Single DB Hang Clean and Press

    14/10 Wall Ball

    Push Ups (scaling option to knee down push up)


    💫A little more about our “Friendly” Throwdown:

    • Each person will complete 3 workouts (approximately 10 minutes each).
    • Heat schedule will be released prior to the event date, so you will know what time you will go. Example: You might have workout 1 at 9am, workout 2 at 10:45am and workout #3 at 12:30pm
    • We have designed these workouts and made two divisions, so they cater to all fitness levels. You will get to workout alongside a group of awesome people.
    • Workouts will be released the week of the competition
    • Most importantly, this event is a “FUN” event, with the goal being to raise funds for Dillan and his family.
    • If you are unsure of which division to sign up for, send us a message, or talk to one of our coaches, and we will help you get signed up for the right one.

    All strategy aside – the basis of any and every comp is just to have a good time. Competitions are warm, welcoming environments that promote positivity and strength. There isn’t an athlete out there who doesn’t get the jitters in one way, shape, or form. But we’re all in it together, so it’s achievable and rewarding. Competitions are basically days full of yummy snacks (some healthy, some not so much…), friends (old and new), and having fun. Don’t overthink it, just sign up and let the good times roll. 👇👇👇

    We Hope to see you there!

    Questions about the event? Contact us at whiteysfitness@gmail.com