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    Someone Busier Than You, Is Working Out Right Now

    June 29, 2022
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    June 29, 2022 Grit Force Fitness
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    This ➡️ is the quote that changed my perspective and put a halt to the majority of my excuses (I still have some). I could no longer say well I’m built this way, I’m too tired, too busy, it’s too hard with kids and snacks.

    Don’t wait for the time to be right, for the perfect opportunity. JUMP-GO-DO. (This is also a pep talk to myself). Time keeps on ticking, you’re not getting younger, curve balls keep coming, the world keeps spinning. It’s ok to be the new kid, to be a beginner. You just gotta take one step at a time.

    💜 Love a good quote. What’s one that motivates you? 💜.

    The biggest win is realizing how much control I have. My genetics aren’t broken. I can take control of my life by taking control of my nutrition. It’s more than calories. Credit to @k_mighty

    There’s no need to get to a point where you feel desperate…

    We meet with people everyday who are not happy with how they look, how they feel and the pain they have on a daily basis.

    It’s never too late to start making fitness a priority in your life but why wait until you’re suffering?

    There are so many options that you can fit into your life..

    No time? 

    Not true! 

    There’s always time for your priorities. 

    Nobody should live in a sub optimal body that doesn’t allow them to do the things they would love to do

    Act now and you will have a better life. 


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